Christ Became a Servant

John Owen, Communion with God, 213-214:

For their sakes he so humbled and emptied himself, in taking on flesh, as to become therein a servant–in the eyes of the world of no esteem nor account; and a true and real servant to the Father. For their sakes he humbled himself, and became obedient. All that he did and suffered in his life comes under this consideration; all which may be referred to these three heads:


(a) Fulfilling all righteousness.

(b) Enduring all manner of persecutions and hardships.

(c) Doing all manner of good to men.


He took on him, for their sakes, a life and course pointed to (Heb. 5:7-8)–a life of prayers, tears, fears, obedience, suffering; and all this with cheerfulness and delight, calling his employment his ‘meat and drink,’ and still professing that the law of this obedience was in his heart–that he was content to do this will of God. he that will sorely revenge the least opposition that is or shall be made to him by others, was content to undergo anything, all things, for believers.


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